‘[London] is a bit of a blessing for a photographer like me, as there is so much to play with: iconic backdrops, architecture from many different centuries, a wide variety of cultures and demographics, four distinct seasons and generally nice light.’

– Alan Schaller (Guardian; 12/11/20)

When I first started planning what to do with Landscape, I was thinking in terms of making pictures in quite a few, geographically diverse locations; Covid (and to a lesser extent a desire to reduce the number of flights I make) has changed all that.

This is not a bad thing. I have generally taken more care with pictures I have taken while ‘away’ than those taken when I am ‘home’. Only a fifth of the pictures posted to my flickr feed are in the album ‘London‘; a large proportion of them are of details, or things which are not specific to their place. In my lightroom catalogue, only thirty percent of the pictures are tagged ‘london’; even if you take into account the absence of ‘place’ tags for many of the pictures, the amount of time I spend in the city is not really reflected in the number of pictures I take there.

So, if the current pandemic-imposed limits to my world mean that I need to look more closely at the small corner of East London where I live, I can take heart from quotes like the one at the top of this post:  I have access to subject matter aplenty and I have the time to do it justice; I just need to work out how to fit it all into the coursework and the assignments…



Hooton, C. (2020) ‘Real-life Giacomettis take a rainy riverside stroll: Alan Schaller’s best photograph’ In: The Guardian 11/11/2020.  At: (Accessed 12/11/20)


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