about me

portrait of the artist as a photographer

I was born and grew up in Orkney and, after after attending university and then  living and working in Glasgow for a decade or so, moved to London around the turn of the century.

I have been here ever since, working and getting older.

When I was forty-one, rather too late to be of much use as the basis for a radical career reset, I had the blinding epiphany that, for as long as I could remember, the action of putting things together linked pretty much everything I had enjoyed doing and had been good at. Lego, Airfix models, ideas, stories, people and things, building stuff, seeing what went well with what – all of them involved some degree of construction. This facility for assembly has underpinned most of what I have done to earn a living since leaving university, but has only occasionally resulted in something I would describe as self expression.

Then, as I reached the end of my forties (a good decade professionally, as well as personally) I decided I wanted to spend the next decade or so developing something for myself, rather than for the benefit of my employers…

I’ve been taking photographs since I was ten;¬† I’d been aware of the OCA’s photography degree for some time, but had never quite got round to it. So, 29 days after my 50th birthday, I signed up for The Art of Photography (ph4TAoP) and now, six and a bit years later, here I am…

If you’re interested in how I got to this point, my earlier blogs are here:

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