landscape log – 14-iv-21

done, doing and to do

Last week:
  1. Wrote up tutorial notes for assignment 1 (after prompting) and got them to tutor.
      in other news…
  2. Finished reading for Exercise 1. Need to establish which two pictures I’ll analyse.
  3. Found scattered parts of  nodal-point rig and established settings for taking panoramas using the 85mm nikor on my d610.
  4. Attended the Keeping Up Momentum ‘Cahoot’ session with Diane Ali on Saturday morning. Finally got round to automating Life During Wartime  from Context and Narrative as calling card for the group work. Fun to collaborate with others but need to get better  at stopping these becoming a momentum-sapping excuse for further procrastination!
This Week:
  1. Walked down High Road Leyton for exercise 2.2. Edited resulting photographs and wrote first part of post.
  2. Got Formative feedback for A1 – more favourable than I thought it would be.
  3. Richard Misrach’s on Landscape and Meaning arrives from Amazon. Looks interesting.

Immediate To-dos:
  1. Finalise + publish Exercise 2.1
  2. Decide between Vanishing Point and Two-Lane Blacktop as road movie for A2, rewatch and review. Think VP is a better fit for the question, but let’s see,
  3. Write up A1 Formative Feedback.

More Long-Term:
  1. Panoramic try outs (and can nodal bar be used for stereoscopy?)
  2. Get some of the Self-Directed ideas down as project briefs.
  3. Cyanotype for maps/display surface?
  4. Work through reading around road trips + make short notes
      • Campany Open Road
      • Soth Mississippi
      • Shore Uncommon Places (v. Surfaces)
      • Graham A1




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