is there anyone home?

Right. Reset. I seem to have pretty much stalled here with this module – at least in terms of getting stuff out there on this blog, and handing in assignments. What I have been doing is taking photographs, reading widely around the subject and taking part in various group things run by other OCA  I have also been doing – probably far too much – thinking. 

If I’m not to exceed the 4 year time-box to finish level two, I have until the 14th of April 2022 to finish Landscape, Place and Environment. That is 34 weeks (and a couple of days) to finalise five of the six assignments, or seven weeks an assignment. That would leave me with 6 more weeks to tidy everything up for assessment next July.

Put like that it doesn’t sound too bad, so let’s start sorting out a schedule.

Assignment two – the journey – is pretty much ready to go. The work that still needs to be done is on writing up the exercises and the contextualisation for the assignment. I know what I want to say; I just need to type it. I’ll set a deadline of the end of the month for getting it to my tutor. Three weeks (T-31)

fig.1 – kirkwall – from the peedie sea

I’ve just got back from two weeks in Orkney, and – once I’ve got the last two rolls of colour film back from the lab – have got all the photographs I should need (and will have the opportunity to take) for assignment three – space into place. I think I know what I need to write for the exercises and the assignment should not be as technically-involved/software-reliant as either of the first two. Wrapped by mid-October. (T-24)

Then comes the essay for Assignment 4. I have two ideas for questions here: 

  1. Are all our/my photographs, American Photographs now? do we/I look at places through the lens of the canonical American photographers?
  2. What are all these photographs for? Why are we doing all this photography?

I’ll have it written by Christmas (T-16).

Assignment five – the self-directed project – is the last of the fully photographic projects in the module. Again, I have ideas, mainly around how to depict the place where I live. I have been taking photographs for this since I started LPE. I should be able to get it into shape by the beginning of March. (T-6)

Which leaves me 5 weeks to get Assignment 6 – the getting everything into shape for assessment one –  with a  week to spare. (T-1)

I’ll also aim to write one of these a week, to keep the clock ticking and to keep me on track…



6 thoughts on “T-34”

    1. Thank you, Chris! I’m not so much disheartened as puzzled about how I’ve managed to lose log-momentum. I’m enjoying your first flurry of level three posts by the way. The NFT one is particularly good (and relevant) I think…


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