some writing, some thinking and a trip outside london

Over the last seven days, I have pretty much finished the write-up for exercises 2.4 and 2.3; both will be published either today or tomorrow. I’ll be leaving the first exercise to finish off later, so that leaves exercise 2.5 (the Edgelands one) which should be done and posted by Friday.

This leaves  the assignment. I’ve got the set of images ready to go (and just need to create the final digital files); I need to finish off the animated presentation of the images (mainly involving atmos and specific effects) and make a properly foldable version of a cyanotype map on a lighter weight of paper than the (good) cartridge paper I used for my first go.

I’ll make a start on this work – finalising the image files – as a bit of respite from all this typing.

On Thursday, I got the last two rolls of (colour) MF film taken during my break in Orkney back from Peak Imaging. They look really good I think. At some point over the next week, I’ll get them scanned and ready to go in Lightroom.

I’ve  already developed and scanned the black and white roll I took at the same time, so – along with the pictures from my trip north at the end of June, that’ll be everything in place to start on the edit proper of the third assignment.

I spent Thursday and Friday travelling to and from Evesham, to do the first bit of work that be couldn’t do from my attic for nearly eighteen months now. It was good to be out and about, and I took a fair number of journey and place-type pictures during the time. Two of the pictures at the head of this post came from that with the other two made in response to the Art and Text workshops hosted by Bryan Eccleshall a few weeks ago,  where I was struck by the idea that my local authority is Waltham Forest, and that every street (but not the roads) contains a tree in its s(tree)t name.

Which leaves the thinking from the sub-head. Beside the LPE hangout (are they still hangouts, or has zoom rendered this term obsolete?) on Wednesday – 3 participants; very little WIP from any of us; quite a lot of talk about the changes to the structure of the course, particularly the new modules for level three, next; quite a lot of talk about DIC, which all of us have completed before starting this one – I have done a fair bit of reading around landscape generally as well as more general cultural stuff all of which should feed into the context-side of this module and the ones to follow.

In other news, I’ve just received a copy of Carole Angier’s new biography of WG Sebald whose Rings of Saturn was recommended to me by Russell (my tutor for DIC) and started reading Rob Chapman’s biography of Syd Barrett, which so far has lots of really interesting stuff about what was happening in London while Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg et al were doing their thing in New York and is full of links about all sorts of matters contextual.

Also, I seem to have regained the ability to read novels and am starting Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman while finishing off Turbulence  – a series of linked short stories, structured around international air travel – by David Szalay.  And of course Celebrity Masterchef has started on telly again…

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