Mapping the Lee navigation and a journey to Flotta

a short ferry journey in orkney

Assignment 2

I have been experimenting with an online service Relive. It allows you to record your movement through space on your phone, and then add photographs taken while the app is running to a 3D, sharable, representation of your journey. It’s intended as an health/fitness/activity tracker thing, but it’s also quite useful as a way of creating a journey record with illustrations in embeddable video form, like this experiment made while Assignment 2 was still in its planning stage:

With the free version you are limited in terms of the number of pictures you can add to each ‘activity’ and have to compile the final video – and choose which pictures you want to use – as soon as you have finished recording. This always seems a bit rushed as the app (or more specifically its constant need for GPS data) drains my – admittedly fairly ancient – iPhone’s battery really very quickly. Despite all this, it’s quite a remarkable thing, unimaginable just a few years ago.

Assignment 3

Of course, I could upgrade to a  paid plan, and get a lot more flexibility with editing, but given the battery life issues, I’m limited to fairly short periods of time when I can use it which rules out a full day trip. It would have been nice to use it to log my June overnight on Flotta (for assignment 3) but I was at least able to able to use if for the journey out from the mainland…

And of course, when I say ‘mainland’ I mean the Orkney mainland not the island lying on the other side of the Pentland Firth, which rather I think of as ‘The South.’ Which is just one way in which Orkney is – in my mind at least – a place and not just a space…

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