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a note for the assessors

We are asked to submit four things for Online Assessment (OCA, 2021: 1-2):

  1. Learning Log:  Submit between 2 to 3 learning log entries for each of the learning outcomes for the course.
  2. Creative Work: Select three assignment outcomes (excluding critical reviews/essays) or pieces of creative work.
  3. Critical reviews: Submit any critical review/essay from your course unit.
  4. Reflective presentation/evaluation: Your reflective presentation or evaluation will also help assessors to navigate your submission.

These are to be split across 5 folders in a shared, assessment directory of the OCA G:Drive:

  1. Selection of learning log entries
  2. Selection of Creative Work
  3. Written Elements
  4. Reflective Presentation or Evaluation
  5. Tutor Reports

I have created an expanded version of this folder structure here, as part of my learning log. It is navigable using an extra dropdown menu – for the Assessment category – visible at the top of this and every other post.

There are separate sections for each of the five learning outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1 – demonstrate detailed knowledge of visual and conceptual strategies in landscape photography, the representation of place and be able to explore your own critical photographic projects

Learning Outcome 2demonstrate an awareness of the wider social and cultural contexts that surround the representation of place, and be able to discuss relevant ethical perspectives in relation to your own practice

Learning Outcome 3explore and realise a range of ideas and creative starting points, and exercise judgement in the production of visual material

Learning Outcome 4 – manage learning resources, conduct self-directed contextual and visual research, and be able to appraise your progress with increasing confidence

Learning Outcome 5 –demonstrate increasing autonomy and a developing personal voice, exercise your communication skills confidently and interact effectively within a learning group

They are also accessible via the dropdown menu at the top of this page.

As well as forming part 5 of my G:Drive submission – here are the six  formative feedback documents for the assignments.

  1. 512973-PH5LPE-A1-Feedback
  2. 512973-PH5LPE-A2-Feedback
  3. 512973-PH5LPE-A3-Feedback
  4. 512973-PH5LPE-A4-Feedback
  5. 512973-PH5LPE-A5-Feedback
  6. 512973-PH5LPE-A6-Feedback

And finally, thank you for your time looking this submission for the Autumn 2022Assessment Event.


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